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Artists Invited

(Havana, 1968, lives and works in both Chicago and Havana).
Interdisciplinary and political artist, Tania Bruguera focuses on behaviour as the main source of her work and studies the methods of information transmission in art, such as rumours or small talk.

(Lima, 1965, lives and works in both Berlin and Lima).
Bryce reproduces by hand full archives ranging from government documents to tourist flyers so as to emphasize the way facts are built, history is reported and culture is described.

(Jurimaguas, 1965, lives and works in Brussels).
Winner of the 2004 Gwangju Biennale, in an interview with Jérôme Sans he said: «My role as an artist became clear when I understood that the artist is a man like all others, that decides there are things to say and do, and has no time to waste. He feels that his time needs interpreters and recognizes himself in the world that surrounds him».

(Friedrichshafen/Bodensee, 1965. Lives and works in Berlin).
The series on show “Soldier Studies” focuses on the soldiers of the Second World War, involved in bizarre cross-dressing situations, a way to depict stereotyped situations of respectable matrimonial life, a sort of projection of petty-bourgeois life into the context of daily life during war time.

(City of Guatemala, 1973. Lives and works in City of Guatemala).
The artist made her first international appearance in 2001, in the Venice Biennale curated by Harald Szeemann and received the Golden Lion as young artist at the 51st Venice Biennale,

(Bludenz, Austria, 1961. Lives and works in New York).
The work of Rainer Ganahl investigates the inquiries related to the production of knowledge and educational policies. Ganahl is particularly interested in the position and the political role of intellectuals inside the modern and democratic world.

(Eleonora Chiari, Roma, 1971; Sara Goldschmied, Arzignano (VI), 1975. They have been working together since 1997).
Their works are characterized by a surrealist matrix, halfway between reality and imagination. They emphasize paradoxical situations, associated with a sadly all-too-frequent reality, picking the most tragic and contradictory aspects of our everyday life.

(Cologne, 1936, lives and works in New York).
Golden Lion in Venice in 1993, ex-aequo with Nam June Paik, for the German Pavillion.

(Santiago, 1956. Lives and works in New York).
Jaar believes in a relationship between ethics and aesthetics, placing great emphasis on the society, that should be active and socially responsible regarding culture.

(1969, Murcia. Lives and works in Murcia).
Jesus Martinez Oliva works on the process of collective construction of some uncomfortable themes (eg. masculinity) through popular rites.

(1967, Cuenca. Lives and works in Cuenca).
Working in the video and photography fields, Segura is one of the most renowned young artist on the Spanish scene of recent years. “Trasported”, the work that will be presented in Venice, builds an urban space that doesn’t exists but that could be real.

(Stockholm, 1962. Live and works in both Stockholm and New York).
Two words well describe the works of Ann-Sofi Sidén: intensity and existence. Intensity because her works attract the viewer, Existence is instead, a recurring theme in the videos and installations of the artist, who confronts the images of life and death.


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